Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fantasy Lapides Ranks Top Sausages

Nothing hit's the spot like hot, juicy sausage. I've been alive a very long time and I've eaten a whole lot of them. Here's my list of the top sausages.
  1. Boudin - irreplaceable, I can't imagine New Orleans without it.
  2. Chorizo - any mexican restaurant without it on the menu should be shut down immediately. 
  3. Vienna - trashy? yes, but I'm not proud.
  4. Andoule - eating one a week is the secret to my virility and longevity.
  5. Kielbasa - also called Polish Sausage, but I like to be authentic. 
  6. Bangers - good to eat and fun to say.
  7. Breakfast - links or patties, I'm not picky.

I recommend Kielbasa sold under the Starling Label from the Fineberg Packing Company. They don't make the other types of sausage, but if they did I would recommend them.

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